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a 17 year-old bastard living temporarily in this corrupted society. I have no purpose, but thank you for dropping by.

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I fucking live and breathe on art.
I don't fucking need anything else.
But maybe, I might just love you.
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(My name is on Tuesday, May 8)
Because everyone's posting.
Hello, my name is ____. I am this, and I hope you love every part of me.
It feels utterly redundant to care about someone who doesn't exist.
And yet, I have an imagined figure of soft and lovely hands,
Gently patting me on the back. Speaking words of bliss and pride.
As I careful walk down the stage, A pleasant smile goes across her fair skin,
And tightly embraces me.

 But those hands... They've always felt so far.
 Rather than letting me go,
You've never let me hold on. You've never held on.
And I'm sorry if I never tried.
I'm sorry if trying to understand you wasn't enough. 
As a child, I only had you. 
I obeyed your rules, and followed your orders. 
But I was never happy. 
 I was never taught: happiness, sadness, love. 
 All the things that you called a burden, a waste of time

 Rather than being a fixed robot, 
I wish I had the chance to dream. 
 I wish I had the chance to surround myself with childhood friends. 
Like a lost child, I'm aimlessly walking... 
Desperately looking for someone that would care about me. 
Believing anyone's words of endearment...
"I will stay by your side. Always."
Then suddenly I met him.
Like a silly dream, I want to hold onto him as I close my eyes to sleep. 
Like childhood friends, I want to fool around with wonders of.. life. 
And I know this doesn't seem real. But I still want to hold it; tightly embracing it.
Getting to know his name, and loving every part of him.