Aesthetic Devil:

a 17 year-old bastard living temporarily in this corrupted society. I have no purpose, but thank you for dropping by.

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I fucking live and breathe on art.
I don't fucking need anything else.
But maybe, I might just love you.
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(Life on Tuesday, March 6)

"이거.. 진짜 귀엽다.. 좋겠닼ㅋㅋㅋ"

난 바빠. 너무 바빠.
I haven't posted in quite sometime.
I remembered when,
I never had anything to do.
Just wandered and pondered on silly and small things.
Thinking "I have no life"
Because I was never productive.
"You go to school, have dance practice, work, study, then sleep. You have no life."

참 이상해지. 생활 뭐지?