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(A Little Memory on Monday, September 12)
SO, to be dead honest with you, I'm currently studying (for social, I LOVE HISTORY AND POLITICS.. I would never do anything government related though). Actually, that's a lie, I'm blogging. But I was studying. I justㅡ remembered to submit my layout and decided to advertise it! I was planning to actually blog something meaningful and MAYBE enlightening to those who read this. But... I have to study. I must not betray studying! Actually, I don't have to study. I'm pretty ahead in my class... ㅠ

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ANYWAYS, I'm in a rush.. so!

(edited: kind of a rant againㅡ I bottle in things too much)
I think a lot of people have different definitions of the term "help". I mean, everyone has a different perception on what certain terms mean, that's understandable.

Help: to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; assist.

I want to bold and underline, "COOPERATE EFFECTIVELY" even "ASSIST".
To be honest, I'm a pushover. A selfless, short, tiny, pushover. I hated that about myself. I'm terribly unsure of whether to say 'hate' or 'hated' because I'm kind of still in that working-process of trying to not be such a pushover. I would 'help' a few of my Korean (FOB) friends with English homework and rarely ever, social studies. When they mean help, they mean to do the whole damn thing. I love English, but obviously there's going to be moments where, I'm just weary. And yes, English is probably a lot easier for me compared to them, but in the long runㅡ it's the last year of high school. Whether I do their all their essays and get them an 80%+ in the course work, the diploma (basically university entry exams) are %50 of your FINAL MARK. Even ifㅡ they were to get an 80%+ in the course work, if they fail the diploma, the course work doesn't do much.

What I meant by 'help' wasㅡ to actually take you to learn and understand the subject of matter. And if you simply 'don't care' what's the point in asking? What's the point of taking English 30. DASH ONE.

I'm not tired todayㅡ I actually don't have much to do today...
But I swear to whatever I believe in, I will falcon punch you in the omnivore teeth.
If you become another one of him.
It's amazing whatㅡ getting to know someone really does when you ignore those 'lovely' fantasies. But I don't know whether you changed, or if I was to blind to see it. I don't know whether to be ashamed of my pathetic actions.., but in the end, it's not like he was a bad person. Soㅡ I'll just let it be. After all.. 내 첫사랑. 아직도.
Ah~ I blogged too much today ㅠㅠ...