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a 17 year-old bastard living temporarily in this corrupted society. I have no purpose, but thank you for dropping by.

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I fucking live and breathe on art.
I don't fucking need anything else.
But maybe, I might just love you.
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(500 days of Summer. on Wednesday, August 17)

I was on tumblr (as usual) and I would always see these .gifs or images of the movie, "500 days of Summer". So, I ended up torrenting it, and watching it (alone with a bucket of ice cream). I couldn't help but... notice the symbolism used in that movie, and over analyze them as if I'm preparing for a write up of a five page essay. Sad.

The idea of movies and the protagonist's occupation of creating "innovative" greeting cards portrayed reality being foreseen by ones fantasy.

I wish I could destroy this image that she has of
what I should be, and what she wants me to be.

"When did you get so strong? When you don't even know how to do anything."

It'll be your fault. When was it never my fault?