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I fucking live and breathe on art.
I don't fucking need anything else.
But maybe, I might just love you.
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Mr. Smile - 노엘

사랑담아 웃음담아 오겠니 여전히 그자리에
너만을 기다리고 있는데 그날 그때 너의 이쁜
모습만 그리워하며 초록의 봄을 한아름 안고
환한 미소 지으며 금방이라도 안길듯이
너가 자꾸 보이는데 무작정 기다리다보면 살포시
내 곁에 와주겠니 봄향기 가득 품어내며
천진스런 아이마냥 티없이 고운 마음 한자락에 장미빛
순정담아 여전히 뽐내는 자신감 넘치는 모습 보이며
언제나 잘난척 해도 밉지않을 만큼 그런 이쁜모습으로
초록의향연 틈사이로 오겠니 그날이면 그 모든 속삭임이
너를 위한 노래가 되어 한바탕 호탕한 웃음위로 너울너울
날아 사랑의 두마음이 마주보며 마냥 즐거워 하겠지 아마도

If you want, I'll take you with me.
You're right, I'm not afraid.
To grow up and have responsibilities.
I'm pretty excited to get out of school, actually. To graduate. To live on my own. And study something that will actually seem useful for my future.
I'm just scared, to go alone. I guess I have been this whole time.
I can always climb my way upㅡ but I'm too scared to ever go down unless I know there's someone there to catch me.

They say, the person you like, says a lot about you. To be honest, I'm starting to think that... I fell for his actions. What he did. Like, the day I got lost and he spent hours looking for me in the cold winter night.
"His actions never matched his words"

She was right. It didn't. But I didn't like his words, I only liked his actions. I ignored his words, because I didn't like them. They weren't pretty. But, I fell in love with this fantasy. And grew out of reality. I almost regret it, I'm supposed to be a realist. Yet I let myself fall into the gap that she made. But I'll admit. Young love is sweet. I'm glad that I got my heart racing, I got my valentine on February, I got my teenage dream. These past two years... of my playful chase, our flirting, and stupidity, it's enough sweetness for me. If I take another bite, I'll probably end up with another cavity ㅡㅁㅡ;
I can't help, but want to be my own Superhero.

Happy Spring Break! Even to Mr. Smile ^ㅠ^*