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(The Procrastinator. on Monday, February 21)
After writing five pages of notes for Chemistry, I've decided to procrastinate.

I decided to play around with some photoshop actions, and my failed attempt to do selcas

Because of my extremely long bangs/fringe I look very angry in this picture... ㅡ ㅡ.. but then again, studying for Chemistry.. I wouldn't be the happiest trooper under this sky.

*Note: my camera sucks (haha) Actually, I used my phone. Bloo LG Lollipop (goddamn, this version only has a 2 megapixal camera). I love circle scarves, I have no idea why... they're so warm~

Lately! I actually listen to English music, which is rare for me. Currently in love with Bruno Mars! & I love 정성하 (Sungha Jung) even more for doing a guitar cover for Grenade and Just The Way You Are (both from Bruno Mars). Sigh, how I wish I could go back to guitar... Maybe I'll get his tabs/music notes from his cafe and start again (once I fix the E string).

Well, that was a veryㅡ pointless, post. SO I shall wrap it up with a "HOPE EVERYONE HAD AN AMAZING FAMILY DAY" Ahem.

ㄴㅓㄹ ㅂㅗㄱㅗㅅㅣㅍㄷㅏ