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I fucking live and breathe on art.
I don't fucking need anything else.
But maybe, I might just love you.
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(Happy Valentine's Day. on Monday, February 14)
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
"It's not that happy..."
"Stop making life seem so miserable ㅡ ㅡ.."

김밥! (Kimbap) via.

Even after 3 weeks of not seeing each other. Even after 2 weeks of not speaking a word to each other. And yet. We fought just like any other day. We argued till our day spent ended. And we laughed as if there was no tomorrow.
The first half of my Valentine's day was spent out of the city (about an hour away) to drop off a box of chocolates to Sundoo. It was... kind of awkward to spend a Valentine's day with him. As we passed by couples holding hand in hand, and pink hearts everywhere we went. It was awkward. Considering the fact that we're not an actual couple ㅡ in my opinion. It got even more awkward after seeing his older brother pass by us giving us a smirk.
We talked, about our friends. How they are. What they were up to. Him, constantly trying to pursue to me to move into his area and leave the city.
"Just come here, you'd get to spend every single day with me! Doing nothing!"

And his many so-called "attempts" to quit smoking. We started playing around. Seeing who would flinch and who wouldn't, I lost. Him mocking my flat chest..., playing around with each others phone..., for some reason got on the topic of children, whether we like them or not. To be honest, I lost track of what we even talked about. It already seems so long ago that I've last seen him..

The second half was spent with 언니! (older sister). Went to Korean restaurant, ate some 김치 of course, 김밥 and 볼고기! 맜있어... 정말. Weird, how Nara 언니 always waits for me whenever I'm with him.

Is this a coincidence? Or ㅡ

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you spent it single (like me) or with a special someone.