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a 17 year-old bastard living temporarily in this corrupted society. I have no purpose, but thank you for dropping by.

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I fucking live and breathe on art.
I don't fucking need anything else.
But maybe, I might just love you.
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(Last Song on Sunday, January 30)
For some reason, the music on my page doesn't seem to be working (not for me at least), and that makes me very sad. But since it's currently 2:30 in the morning, I'd rather not spend it making a playlist. I think I'll do that tomorrow.

After making 3 layouts.. The first one getting taken away by 나라 and since she's my 언니... rawr. The second one got dibs by Umi. And finally! This was the third one ^ㅠ^. But! Doggggggy~ LOL. I'll make you a layout too :D (if you want ㅡ but I'm submitting it once you're done using it). I'll probably complete those layouts in order they were requested: 나라, Umi, and possibly 미초.

But anyways! I finally submitted my previous layout!

credits: sechuna


I'll stop with the layout talking LOL. However, I should really go back to singing >__>; we decided to change songs (again) to something (supposedly easier) This Time - Wonder Girls. I have to admit this is a really old song :| I used to really like this song, like Iunno three years ago? I forgot majority of the lyrics by now. Sigh.